Base Rates
          - Proofreading: £5 per 500 words
Proofreading generally refers only to typographical errors, however, WriteWell proofreading services encompass spelling, grammar and punctuation.
          - Editing: £10 per 500 words
WriteWell editing services include editing for word selection, style, concision, clarity and logic, as well as well as each of the services encompassed by proofreading
          - Copywriting: £25 per 500 words

Rate Adjustment
Rates may vary depending on the demands of the project. Once the brief and/or original work has been submitted for evaluation, if it is determined that significantly more or less work will be required to deliver the project than is typical, the rate will be adjusted accordingly. A quote will be provided prior to commencement and will be subject to the client's approval. 
Base rates for projects that require a turnaround of up to 24 hours will be subject to an adjustment of twice the original value.

Non-Sterling Transactions
If you intend to pay in a currency other than GBP(£), then the exchange rate according to Wise on the date that the terms of the project have been agreed will be applied.

Payment Processing
Following the satisfactory completion of a project, an invoice will be sent via PayPal to the client's email address.

Dispute Settlement
If the client is dissatisfied with the service provided, they should inform WriteWell as soon as possible so that the issue can be clarified and rectified within the originally agreed timeframe.
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